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All systems require dampers to control or shut off the flow of gases. The degree of effectiveness in which this is done influences the operation of the complete system.

It is imperative that the dampers are properly designed and engineered so they will effectively complement other system components and withstand the high temperature, pressure and corrosive gas common in today’s process systems.

A damper for boiler flue gas service can have three basic functions. Dampers modulate gas flow, divert gas flow into an alternate duct system, or isolate equipment. There are three basic types of dampers:

·         Louver

·         Guillotine, or gate type

·         Diverter, or flap

Each type, in its basic form, is designed for a certain function. Louvers are primarily intended for modulating gas flow. Guillotines are for open / close isolation service only. Diverters / Flaps have been successfully applied as an effective isolator and also to provide modulation along with primary function of flow diversion.

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