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Welcome to the Edition 4 of Damper Application and News.  This newsletter is for the users and suppliers of dampers and equipment for flue and process gases. 

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Update on the Directory of North American Damper Companies

At the request of one of the companies listed, links are provided to current company brochures and information supplied in PDF format. Firms can email their information to be included it their listing.

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Fox Equipment to Supply Dampers and Expansion Joints for Baldwin 1 FGD

Fox Equipment was awarded the scrubber dampers and expansion joints for Dynegy's Baldwin Unit 1. This project includes six louver dampers with blade spans ranging from 12 ft. to 18 ft. All the dampers have integral expansion joints built on to one of their flanges. The project includes an additional 31 expansion joints. All of the expansion joints utilize the CrossFilm technology with 20 mils of Teflon. Expansion joints will be assembled on carbon steel frames for ease of installation.

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Expanded Line of Heavy-Duty Actuators for Quarter-Turn Valves and Dampers Offers Higher Torque - 1,600,000 in.-lb - With Reduced Cost.

A-T Controls' expanded line of Triac THD heavy-duty scotch yoke actuators is engineered for the most demanding liquid and air handling applications, powering quarter-turn dampers and valves with up to 1,600,000 in. lbs. (180,800 nm) torque. Optimized manufacturing and highly modular design help reduce cost, while increasing the line's range of options and torque ceiling. Capable of operating ball, butterfly and plug valves, dampers or louvers - any device that requires quarter-turn movement for on-off or throttling service - THD actuators use a symmetrical-design yoke that delivers maximum torque at both ends of the 90 degree cycle. The proven design stands up to hard service in industries such as oil and gas, power generation, chemical processing, water/wastewater, mining, primary metals, and pollution control.

The THD Series meets comprehensive application needs with six basic body groups, each available in spring-return or double-acting versions and operating air pressures from 40 to 100 PSIG, plus a complete line of accessories. Modular design allows mixing power groups and spring cartridges with different center body sizes to suit different air pressures and requirements for fail-clockwise or fail-counterclockwise operation.

A complete line of accessories such as jackscrew, hydraulic and gear-driven overrides, complements the THD series. Mechanical, proximity, inductive and transmitter limit switch options are available in all NEMA ratings, along with pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and smart positioners. A-T Controls offers complete mounting hardware to integrate THD actuators with any quarter-turn valve, damper or louver.

A-T Controls specializes in modular, packaged solutions and fast delivery from stock on a comprehensive selection of ball valves, actuators and controls for process and pollution control industries.

For more information on TRIAC THD actuators, contact: Ron Ruehlmann, A-T Controls, 11363 Deerfield Rd., Cincinnati OH 45242. Phone: 513-247-5465. Fax: 513-247-5462.

Email: Rruehlmann@a-tcontrols.com. Website: www.a-tcontrols.com.

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Laurentian Steel Fabricators

Laurentian Steel Fabricators is situated on a 22-acre dockside facility within the Sydport Marine Industrial Park. LSF is equipped to handle custom steel fabrication on a large scale with extensive lay-down and assembly space. LSF is strategically connected to water (Sydney Harbour), rail (CBNS / CN Railways) and road (100-series Highway) systems, providing options to meet client shipping demands.

LSF has 4,250 feet of wharf space with 20-36 feet of water alongside. Offshore oil and gas supply vessels, bulk carriers, product tankers, ferries, coast guard vessels and ocean-going barges have
all loaded or been serviced at the facility. LSF has built, assembled and loaded out skids for the offshore oil and gas industry on-site.

The main fabrication shop is 13,500 square feet with an additional 38,000 square feet available for larger scale projects. The facility has everything you would expect of an efficient custom steel
operation: ironworker, hydraulic shear, angle rolls, plate rolls, bandsaw, and complete welding equipment for steel and aluminum. The main shop offers facilities equipped for finishing (sandblast
and painting) and is outfitted with two 15-ton overhead cranes and an 8x19 foot plasma profile table  -- equipment which allows them manage very large fabrication projects.

For more information contact John Phalen (john@lsf-steel.com) or visit their website at www.lsf-steel.com .

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NT Bearing Technology Being Tested @ B&W

Testing is being conducted on the new bearing product spotlighted in a previous newsletter.  This information is repeated below.  These new bearings are being placed in an application where the existing bearings failed.

Until now, damper companies and others, had to rely on self-aligning graphite sleeve bearings for their high temperature and/or low maintenance bearing needs.  There have been many cases where these bearings seized or froze in the field, preventing operation of the equipment.   The HTB Corporation did extensive case studies investigating the causes of damper shaft seizures and then developed a product engineered to address these issues, the NT bearing.

The heart of the NT bearing is a modified PTFE composite system that is designed to offer all of the well established, low friction, excellent corrosion resistance, and high temperature performance of PTFE but with greatly enhanced mechanical properties.   PTFE and its composites have been well established in critical applications ranging from high pressure gaskets to harsh chemical processing and handling.

The NT, self aligning sleeve bearing is a complete replacement for non-precision, intermittent and continuously operating systems utilizing graphite at continuous temperatures up to 500 F˚ and speeds less than 100 RPM's.  This is idea for louver, butterfly and guillotine dampers, as well as many other applications.

The patent pending NT bearing sleeve offers the following features:

  • Continuous operating temperature of 500 F˚ with intermittent service up to 630 F˚.

  • Enables the use of carbon steel shafting where stainless was required to prevent binding with graphite bushings.

  • Has extreme resistance to chemical and environmental attack and will not cause other materials to corrode.

  • Eliminates the risk of seizing due to contaminate build up in the shaft to bearing interface.

  • Has a very low coefficient of friction (0.06-0.360), and significantly reduces the force required to actuate a loaded shaft versus graphite.

  • Has been engineered to resist cold flow at elevated temperatures

  • Electrically non-conductive.

  • FDA approved material for direct food contact.

  • No change in installation or housings from traditional graphite sleeve bearings.

  • Maintenance free design.

  • Available in any standard bearing size and housing.

  • Cost effective replacement for graphite.

Housing configurations are pillow block, 2 bolt flange, and 4 bolt flange.  These accommodate shaft sizes from 1" to 3" as well as metric 25mm to 78mm.  Contact HTB for other sizes.

Visit the NT Bearing Technology web site for additional information including Chemical capabilities, Mechanical Properties, Thermal Properties and Case Study at http://www.getthecarbonout.com/.


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News Release and Articles Welcomed

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I would also like to recognize individuals who contribute to this industry and perhaps are in the background by giving them a spotlight in this newsletter.  If you have a vendor or fellow employee you would like to see recognized, please send us an email.

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